Duct Wrap Insulation Foil Scrim MPET Facing

Duct Wrap Insulation Foil Scrim MPET Facing

DonFoil FSM-75121 is a flexible duct wrap insulation foil facing. It is 3 layers made with a fiberglass scrim adhered with a fire retardant, thermo-setting adhesive to an aluminum foil and a metalized PET film backing.

DonFoil FSM insulation facing offer critical protection to the insulation blanket used in flexible fire protection systems for commercial kitchen grease ducts,HVAC duct and ventilation ducts. Using with ceramic fiber blanket,it will resist wrapping and slumping. This duct insulation wrap foil installs easily due to its high flexibility, low weight and thin profile.DonFoil’s scrim-reinforced foil products are specially constructed to provide flame resistance with maximum strength and flexibility.

Custom printing of the foil barrier is available.It will provide a nice looking.

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DonFoil’s reinforced air duct wrap insulation foil is always used as the jacket of ceramic fiber blanket.This ceramic fiber insulation blanket is completely encapsulated in a scrim reinforced aluminum foil jacket. This reinforced foil jacket provides additional handling strength as well as protection from grease vapor absorption and tearing.It is specially constructed to provide flame resistance with maximum strength and flexibility.This flexible air duct insulation wrap is commonly used in commercial kitchen grease ducts, as well as ventilation ducts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,We can use the higher weight kraft or thicker aluminum foil.

Yes,pure aluminum foil and fireproof kraft are laminated with a flame-retardant adhesive.It’s totally fireproof.

Yes,Perforations are available

The insulation facings reduce heat gain (in the summer) and heat loss (in the winter), so it will benefit both winter and summer savings and comfort. In the summer, heat is reflected back to the outside and in the winter, heat is reflected inwards.

Kraft gsm,thickness of aluminum foil,scrim or not,perforated or not,single side or double side.