Foil Scrim Kraft(FSK) Facing

Foil Scrim Kraft or FSK paper insulation is a flame retardant, vapor-barrier, radiant barrier and is one of the most commonly used facings in the insulation industry today. A FSK insulation facing is made of lightweight aluminum foil that is layered against a fiberglass scrim and then paired with a final layer of natural brown kraft paper. This is then all laminated together using a flame-retardant adhesive.

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Flame Retardant(F/R) FSK-7351A

Which products can FSK be combined with?

As Vapor barrier and radiant barrier, foil-scrim-kraft(FSK) can be used in combination with many thermal insulation materials, such as ceramic fiber felt,fiberglass blanket and board,rockwool,rubber foam pipe and blanket,xlpe foam blanket. The FSK facing is an effective vapor retarder. It will reduces the risk of mold and mildew, improving air quality and reducing risk of costly damage from rot. The FSK paper protects insulation products and extends its lifespan. It works equally well as a radial barrier and can reflects 97% of radiant heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FSK insulation facing is a vapor barrier facing manufactured using lightweight pure aluminum foil fiberglass reinforcing scrim and natural kraft paper laminated together with a flame-retardant adhesive. 

FSK insulation is used as the jacket of many types of thermal insulation.Such as foil covered fiberglass duct board,FSK foil faced fiberglass blanket insulation,foil backed mineral wool insulation roll.

Yes,We can use the higher weight kraft or thicker aluminum foil.

Yes,pure aluminum foil and fireproof kraft are laminated with a flame-retardant adhesive.It’s totally fireproof.

Yes,Perforations are available

The insulation facings reduce heat gain (in the summer) and heat loss (in the winter), so it will benefit both winter and summer savings and comfort. In the summer, heat is reflected back to the outside and in the winter, heat is reflected inwards.

Kraft gsm,thickness of aluminum foil,scrim or not,perforated or not,single side or double side.

The kraft side should bond to the glass wool and aluminum foil surface should usually face indoors.