Glass Wool Insulation

Fiber Glass wool is an insulating material made up of fibres of glass arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool. The process traps many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in high thermal insulation properties. Glass wool is produced in rolls or in slabs, with different thermal and mechanical properties. It may also be produced as a material that can be sprayed or applied in place, on the surface to be insulated.

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DONFOIL Glass Wool Featrures:


FSK faced fiberglass wool blanket is widely used for heating and air conditioning ducts, metal building roof and wall insulation

Thermal Insulation

Keep indoors warm in winter and cool in summer

Sound Control

FiberGlass batts or blanket can provide good sound insulation

Easy Install

Can be cut and installed easily without specail tools


Glass wool felt is easy to carry by one person

Glass Wool Blanket

Glass Wool Board

Glass Wool Pipe

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Insulation Facing Options:

foil scrim kraft(FSK)

Foil Scrim Kraft(FSK) Facing

alum foil/adhesive/scrim/kraft

PSK facing

PP Scrim Kraft(PSK) Facing

PP film/adhesive/scrim/kraft

MPET scrim kraft facing

MPET Scrim Kraft(MSK) Facing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Glass wool is a fibrous material made of molten glass fiber and sprayed with thermosetting resin by centrifugal blowing process, and then processed by thermal curing to make a series of products with multiple uses. Glass wool can be made into boards, felts, and tubes to meet different environmental requirements.It has good thermal insulation effect and sound insulation effect.

The glass wool density depends on the different forms(felt,rigid board,tube) and application requirements of the product.

The price of glass wool depends on many factors.

First of all, we need to confirm whether it is glass wool felt, rigid board or tube.

Secondly we need to know the density, width, length, thickness.

Thirdly, please confirm whether you need a foil facing and what kind of foil facing you need. Finally, where is the destination port if exported. Freight is a big part of the glass wool product.

Lay the fiberglass on a plywood then use a utilit knife to slice through.

We only need some simple tools, such as Dust mask,Safety glasses,Straightedge,Utility knife,Gloves.

1,Using the tape to stick the fiber away
2,Wash the area with running water and mild soap

Glass wool is a made up of the melted glass raw materials in high temperature.The bonding agent, moisture-proof agent and preservative agent are sprayed onto the fibres during the spinning process.

It can say “for the life of the building”.