Bubble Foil

Air Bubble Foil insulation has a core composed of air, is composed of either one (single bubble) or two (double bubble) layers of air bubbles sandwiched between two metalized surfaces.Double bubble insulation use air bubbles between the reflective surfaces, provides a radiant barrier, a vapor barrier and insulation protection.

Bubble insulation has an inner substance so it has better performance in insulation than the radiant barrier,can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications to increase the thermal performance of the building and to act as a vapor barrier.

Bubble foil insulation is suitable for metal buildings, pole barns, homes, attics, roofs, walls, crawlspaces,garages and more, provide R-value, a radiant heat barrier and vapor barrier protection.

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Bubble Foil

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,We can use the higher weight kraft or thicker aluminum foil.

Yes,pure aluminum foil and fireproof kraft are laminated with a flame-retardant adhesive.It’s totally fireproof.

Yes,Perforations are available

The insulation facings reduce heat gain (in the summer) and heat loss (in the winter), so it will benefit both winter and summer savings and comfort. In the summer, heat is reflected back to the outside and in the winter, heat is reflected inwards.

Kraft gsm,thickness of aluminum foil,scrim or not,perforated or not,single side or double side.