Armor Wrap Pipe Repair Bandage

Armor-Wrap Pipe Repair Bandage is made of flexible fiberglass mesh saturated with water-activated polyurethane. It can cure quickly when exposed to water. After curing, it has high flexural strength and tensile strength, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Armor-Wrap Pipe Repair Bandage has been increasingly used in many fields,such like power communication cable accessories, chemical, marine, mining, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, sculpture, medical. It is mainly used for emergency repair and protection of pipelines,such as water pipes, oil pipes, and gas pipes. It is suitable for Rubber, PVC, Polyester, Copper,Metal, Plaster,Fiberglass,Polyester,Ceramic,and Concrete materials.

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Armor Wrap Pipe Repair Bandage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,We can use the higher weight kraft or thicker aluminum foil.

Yes,pure aluminum foil and fireproof kraft are laminated with a flame-retardant adhesive.It’s totally fireproof.

Yes,Perforations are available

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Kraft gsm,thickness of aluminum foil,scrim or not,perforated or not,single side or double side.