Metal Building Fiberglass wool Insulation

metal building fiberglass wool insulation




What is The Best Insulation for a Metal Building?

There are many types of metal building insulation.Such like Fiberglass wool include a radiant barrier,rockwool insulation,Bubble Foil Insulation,Spray Foam Insulation,Reflective foil. But the fiberglass blanket rolls and panels faced with FSK insulation facings are still most popular method of insulating metal building on the market.

What is Metal Building Fiberglass Wool Insulation?

Fiberglass insulation is made by fine glass fibers then lightly compressed .It can be cutten into rolls or batts.It is easy to install, eco-friendly, low installed cost. It is widely used in metal building roof and wall insulation.With various vapor retarder facings, the fiberglass insulation become a durable and attractive finish.

Donfoil Insulation is a china metal building insulation panels factory.We supply faced and unfaced metal building insulation materials.We have different R value glasswool blanket or panel for the metal building insulation.R19 or R30 metal building insulation,it depend on your project requirement.We also have facings for metal building insulation.we accept metal building facings bulk and wholesale all over the world.

Why Do I Need Metal Building Fiberglass Insulation?

The right Metal building glasswool insulation system can increase the useful life of the steel or metal building, create a comfortable working environment, reduce energy waste and air-conditioning electricity costs.

Vapor Retarders & Radian Barrier

Most glasswool is not waterproof, and water vapor usually causes mildew problems. Therefore, we need metal building insulation facings as a protective layer to block water vapor. Moreover, the aluminum insulation foil can reflect 97% of the heat radiation, which greatly improves the thermal insulation effect.

There are foil scrim kraft(FSK),PSK,Double side aluminum foil facing,white vinyl faced are usually used in the market. All these metal building insulation facings are low water vapor permeance, good light reflectivity, good tensile strength.

Vapor Barrier Facings

FSK(foil-scrim-kraft) PSK(PP-scrim-kraft) etc. more foil insulation facing options

How to Install Fiberglass Insulation in Metal Building

Metal Building Roof Insulation Systems

1. Unfold the fiberglass wool felt in the direction perpendicular to the purlin. The insulation foil facing side is exposed indoors, which makes the interior beautiful and has a good reflective effect. Leave a roll felt of about 20 cm at the eaves on one side, and fix it on the very outer purlin with a special clamp or double-sided tape.  

2. Make sure to align and tighten the glass wool roll felt when laying. Put the glass wool roll felt on the other eaves and leave an extra 20 cm roll felt. Use special tool or double-sided tape to fix it on the outer purlin.  

3. The two rolls of glass wool are connected together by using a stapler.  

4. Install the roof color steel plate, remove the special fixtures at the eaves on both sides, and use the reserved 20 cm veneer to close the glass wool blanket to obtain a good moisture-proof effect.

Metal Building Wall Insulation Systems

1. Install the facing side toward the indoor side, unwind from the eaves to the corner, and use double-sided tape to fix the glass roll mat on the lower purlin, leaving an extra 20 cm.     

2. Cut off the glass wool felt 20 cm beyond the wall top purlin, and fix it with double-sided tape. 

3. Close the glass wool edge and install the wall color steel plate.  

4. Attach the glass wool and glasswool by metal building insulation tape or stapler binding.

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