A Guide to Insulation Facing for the Insulation Materials

what is FSK insulation




What is insulation Facing?

Thermal insulation facing is a thin layer attached to one side of the thermal insulation material to block water vapor and reflect heat.It acts as a protective cover, a vapor retardant,a vapor barrier. Donfoil’s facings provide moisture control.It can be used as a jacket of many insulation products.For example,rigid foam insulation with foil facing,rockwool board with alu foil facing,osb with foil facing,china rockwool pipe pith alu foil facing,batt insulation with foil facing,glasswool with foil facing,etc…

What type are insulation facings?

As a professional manufacturer in China, Donfoil supply different types of insulation facings. We do regular product wholesale and OEM,ODM service. It can be single sided foil facing or double sided foil facing. Our regular products are as follows:

What is FSK Insulation Facing?

foil scrim kraft jacket

FSK Jacket

FSK(foil-scrim-kraft) is comprised of aluminum foil bonded to natural kraft paper. It is reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass scrim in between. It is used as vapor barrier and can add the R-value as a radiant barrier.

Metallized PET film and reflective foil

MSK(VMPET-scrim-kraft) is the same composition as the FSK. But it uses VMPET foil instead of pure aluminum foil. Metallized PET film is plastic film. It is coated a layer of evaporated aluminum powder at high temperature in a high vacuum.

White vinyl insulation facing

PSK uses a polypropylene film instead of aluminum foil. PSK insulation facing have a white-colored finish. It is always used in duct insulation solution, metal building insulation or basement wall facings solutions.

difference of insulation facings-FSK & PSK

ASJ facing and vapor retarder

ASJ facing is mainly used for fiberglass tube to protect the glass wool pipe from the water vapor. It is made of white kraft paper instead of natural color.

F/R FSK and vapor barrier

Fire-Resistant FSK (F/R FSK) foil is a single-sided foil facing. But using a a flame retardant kraft instead of normal kraft. So it is totally fire proof. It is suitable for high fire protection requirements.

Double sided insulation facing and radiant barrier

Double sided insulation facings can be any combination of materials. Such like aluminum foil/alum foil, VMPET foil/VMPET foil, alum foil/VMPET foil, PP film/VMPET foil. We can produce customized double sided facing.

Size:1.25m*60,1.25*200m, Log roll and Jumbo roll, customized length
Core ID:76mm
Packing: private label, shrink wrap for small roll, woven wrap for jumbo roll

what is FSK insulation

Which insulation materials can the insulation facings be used for?

  • Mineral wool boards
  • Fiberglass wool blanket, board, pipe
  • Rubber pipe insulation
  • Ceramic fiber insulation blanket

Application of the insulation facings:

HVAC Duct wrap insulation

FSK faced fiberglass wool or rubber can improve the efficiency of the HVAC system. HVAC duct wrap insulation can reflect 97% radiant heat and convective heat

Metal building roof and wall

The foil faced fiberglass wool blanket or board and mineral wool panel are commonly used insulation materials for steel building. These foil insulation rolls can be used not only on the roof but also on the wall.

Attic insulation

The attic is the main place where heat escapes and cold air enters the building. Installing attic insulation can make the building more energy-efficient, warm in winter and cool in summer.


Laminated Insulation Facing

PP Scrim Kraft(PSK) Facing

Made of white PP film that is layered against a fiberglass scrim and then paired with a final layer of natural brown kraft paper. This is then all laminated together using a flame-retardant adhesive.

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