Foil faced insulation

foil faced insulation-fiberglass with FSK Back




The thermal insulation materials with foil faced are designed to slow heat transfer.The foil jacket is used as radiant barrier and vapor barrier to protect the thermal insulation material.

Fiberglass wool is currently the most popular in the thermal insulation market. It usually appears in the form of board, felts, tubes, etc. It is widely used in metal building roof and wall insulation.

foil faced insulation-fiberglass with FSK Back

Mineral Wool Insulation Materials

Mineral wool products use high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. It is fire resistant.It can be made according to different purposes: felt, strips, tubes, granular, plate, etc., used in nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, large kiln insulation, building exterior wall insulation, roof and curtain wall insulation.
What form are the foil faced insulation
Thermal insulation material forms are: board, blanket, pipe, roll,etc. The different types of insulation material have different Physical properties.The thermal insulation materials form must conform to the use environment.

Where to use foil faced insulation

Attic Insulation

The main function of attic insulation is to delay heat conduction through insulation materials, thereby maintaining the temperature of the house.
Here is the key point, delaying heat conduction is two-way! In other words, attic foil faced insulation can not only delay the heat loss in the house in winter, but also delay the conduction of heat outside the house to the house in summer. Keep warm in winter and cool in summer!
Secondly, increasing the thickness of the attic foil faced insulation can make the insulation effect better. The better the insulation effect, the more stable the temperature in the house. Then the important point is that the more stable the temperature in the house, the shorter the working time of air conditioning and heating. Save electricity and gas = save money

Exterior Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is placed outside of the main wall. The thermal insulation performance of the wall is improved, the conduction loss of indoor heat energy is reduced, and the indoor thermal stability is increased.

HVAC Duct Insulation

Air ducts are very important systems in the building. A good HVAC duct insulation can help to reduce the charge of heating and cooling.

How to install foil faced insulation sheets

1. Layout requirements, according to the standard entire format, staggered paving along the horizontal direction from bottom to top and 1/2 board length.
2. Before use, design the laying method, calculate the size and cut the material.
3. The laying is connected from top to bottom, and should be laid in order. When encountering door and window openings, they should meet the requirements of the relevant atlas.
4. Plate surface anchoring and surface treatment anchoring. The depth of installation of the insulation board anchors into the structural wall is not less than 25mm.

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