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Welcome to Hangzhou DonFoil Insulation Co.,LTD

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Donfoil Insulation is a global supplier of insulation vapor retarders and facings to the leading manufacturers since 1998.

Our products such like foil-scrim-kraft(FSK),PSK,MSK,double side insulation facing which are good vapor barrier of fiberglass, rockwool, foam board and tape. Our focus is the building products market, specifically the Metal Building, Duct Wrap, Duct Board, Pipe, Foam Board / Panel, Tape and OEM insulation segments.

For over 20 years, our philosophy has been simple, “Design and manufacture the very best in laminated insulation facing / vapor retarders, offer them at competitive pricing, deliver them on time and follow-up with comprehensive technical support”.

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OEM service is available

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Our Mission

As a professional manufacturer of innovative radiant and reflective insulation, Donfoil produce a variety of highly effective insulation solutions that satisfy applications throughout the building envelope and a wide range of building types.

Our Vision

Improve energy efficiency and comfort,Keeps building Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter

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Different Equipment Meet Different Product Requirement